EV-Motor Introduction

At present, energy-saving and emission-reduction, environment protection, greenhouse effect, less and less petroleum reserves are all very serious problems gaining important attention from all over the world. And so it’s very urgent and important for us to realize industrialization of EV car.

The EV car applies the original fuel car’s chassis, body shell and other necessary parts, it also replaces the original engine, oil box and fuel system by motor, accelerator, electrical supporting system and battery. By wiring to connect the motor, accelerator, electrical supporting system and battery together, a whole set of electrical system is formed. For simplicity and more effective speed regulation, usually maintain the original gear box and clutch, that is, the gear of the motor output shaft ratchets with the original gear box and clutch structure, forming an integrated motor drive structrure.

Motor is the heart of the EV car and its performance decides EV car’s acceleration function, start grade climbing load capacity and highest speed performance.

The development of motor goes through three stages. At the earliest it’s brush DC motor with good speed regulation function and cheap price, but as the brush is short-life and needs charge, it requires maintainence. As the development of electronics technology, people apply Frequency Control Asynchronous Squirrel-cage motor with long life because of without brush, but still its AC speed regulation function is not so good as DC motor. At last people invent DC brushless motor which with both DC motor’s good speed regulation function and AC motor’s long life.

Actually, these three motors are still under usage. 

A. Brushless motor
M&C DC brushless motor not only maintains DC motor’s good speed regulation function, but also AC motor’s long-life function. It’s the best motor for EV car driving at present, and it’s power ranges from bicycle, tricycle, car and bus(250W ~200KW).


B. Brush DC Motor
Brush DC motor is the most traditional EV speed regulation motor, with good speed regulation function, big start torque and simple controller. M&C DC motor’s brush has already reaches 6000 hours. Usually this kind of motor is used in tricycle and tour car, power ranges from 1.5KW to 10KW.


C. IM VF Motor
The performance of AC speed regulation motor is between brush DC motor and brushless DC motor. Usually used for heavy-duty car which

requires not so big start torque. In battery EV applications, the AIM series motor system are designed for use in vehicles weighing from 1,000 to 10,000 lbs. AIM series motor features: M&C’s AC series controller is a DSP-controlled, rugged, waterproof (except for cooling fans) inverter for controlling 3-phase AC motors. Liquid-cooling is available.